Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cunedda Haunting My Thoughts Again: Ergrynawr Cunedaf Creisseryd and Cadelling Ffraw

Essay to be posted soon.

 For now, let me say that I have a sure and certain way to make Cunedda into Uther Pendragon. And that my earlier observation that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle's floruit for Cerdic ( = Ceredig son of Cunedda) exactly matches that of Arthur may be VERY significant. Ceredig of Ceredigion founded the kingdom that includes the Afon Arth at its heartland, as well as the Little Bear tributary and the fort at Dinerth. There are several Arth- names in the early Ceredigion pedigree (see the Harleian MS. version of the Historia Brittonum), showing that the Afon Arth was associated with some kind of bear deity, whose name crept into the princes of the dynasty.

As I know Cunedda father of Ceredig WAS IRISH, there may well be a way to PROVE that the name Arthur was actually a designation of Ceredig/Cerdic.

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned...

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