Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Proof that I am the first person to suggest that Modred/Medrawd = Moderatus

Arthur Rackham's How Mordred was slain by Arthur, and how by him Arthur was hurt to the death

For years now, I've been hearing from people who dispute my claim to being the first to demonstrate that the name Modred/Medrawd is from Roman/Latin name Moderatus.

In addition, I keep reading this same thing on Websites - even on the infamous Wikipedia:

The note on Modred = Moderatus from this page reads as follows:

Cane, Meredith. Personal Names of Men in Wales, Cornwall and Brittany 400-1400 AD, University of Wales Ph.D. thesis, 2003, pp. 273-4.

I once tried to contact Dr. Cane, pointing out - very politely - that I had preceded her in the identification by several years.  She did not respond.

So, instead, I'm having my letter on Cambridge letterhead, signed personally by Dr. Oliver Padel and dated to 1996, scanned so that I may post it here in its entirety.

The letter shows indisputably that I originated the idea that Modred was Moderatus.

Usually, I don't bother making this kind of public "correction." But as Modred is, in a sense, the primary subject of my next book, I thought I had better stick up for myself for once.

UPDATE:  Link to the letter from Prof. Padel -

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