Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ambrosius Placed at Dinas Emrys Because the Fort Originally Belonged to Medraut? [Revisiting an Old Idea]

Confluence of the Afon Gamlan and Mawddach

In past articles and books, I've explored the various reasons why Ambrosius, a strange fusion of a 4th century A.D. Praetorian Prefect of Gaul, his son St. Ambrose, the god Lleu and even the Northern Myrddin (Merlin), came to be associated with the Dinas Emrys fort in Eryri. 

Now that I've settled on Ceredig son of Cunedda as Arthur, with Camlan situated at the Afon Gamlan in NW Wales (see THE BEAR KING: ARTHUR AND THE IRISH IN WALES AND SOUTHERN ENGLAND), it is perhaps time to attempt to resurrect an old idea.  In the following blog post

I had demonstrated that Ambrosius as the "viro modesto" (see Gildas Chapter 25) could well have been wrongly identified with Medraut/Moderatus.  The Afon Gamlan, site of Arthur and Medraut's fateful Battle of Camlan, was located between Ceredig's kingdom of Ceredigion and Dinas Emrys.  Was it possible, I had wondered, that Dinas Emrys with its proven early medieval/Dark Age occupation had been the home of a chieftain named Medraut?  And that it was precisely his presence there which caused Ambrosius to be imaginatively imported to the site?

Maybe this idea is not as silly as it first seemed?

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