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The Archaeological Phases of the Uley Shrine in the 5th-6th Centuries A.D.

Hetty Peglar's Tump Near the Uley Shrine

As previously promised, here is the information on the stone building erected at West Hill near the Uley Bury hillfort (my candidate for Camlan) at exactly the time of Arthur.

The following selection is from:

The Uley Shrines
Excavation of a ritual complex on West Hill, Uley, Gloucestershire: 1977-9
By Ann Woodward and Peter Leach

Phase 6a, end of the fourth century (c AD 380 to 400)
Following further collapse, the temple was modified
and a remnant of it reused for a short period. wooden
annexe was constructed against one of the surviving
ambulatories. Structures XIII and XIV may have contined
in use.

Phase 6b, early-fifth century (c AD 400 to 420) The
modified temple, Il(iii), was demolished and its rubble
spread over its former site and that of Structure IV.
Structures XIII and XIV were probably demolished also.
Thus, the site was cleared totally.

Phase 7a: mid to late-fifth century (after AD 420) The
hall or basilican church, Structure XI was constructed,
mainly of timber, along with its north-western annexe
or baptistery, and the central area was enclosed by a
perimeter bank of turf, Structure XIX, which was pro
vided with at least two entrances of timber construction,
Structures VI and XV.

Phase 7b(i), early-sixth century Structure XI was dis-
mantled and replaced by a stone building, Structure
VIII(i), with Structure III possibly re-established, or still
functioning, to the south. The complex was still en-
closed the bank, Structure XIX, and the baptistery,
Structure VII, survived as a free standing feature.

Phase 7b(ii), later-sixth to early-seventh century
Structure VIII was extended the addition of an apse
on the north-eastern side. Structures VII, XIX and pos
sibly III continued in use. Deposition of the head of the
Roman cult statue (Fig 72) was associated probably
with the extension of Structure VIII, but could belong
equally to Phase 7b(i).

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