Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seeking a lost blog entry from 2010 or thereabouts: "Thomas Green Versus King Arthur"

If anyone has a copy of this, please leave a comment here on my page along with contact information.  Through a series of "unfortunate events", I've not been able to obtain a copy of my earlier piece.  As it is a rather long essay, and a comprehensive treatment of Green's book CONCEPTS OF ARTHUR, I am not looking forward to the prospect of having to reproduce it.

Thank you!

- August

P.S.  The blog was on my old site, which no longer exists. And, yes, I did try an extensive Google search as well as Wayback Machine and similar "snapshot" archives.  No luck thus far in finding it intact anywhere. 

P.P.S.  The essay upon which Thomas Green based his (actually, her book, as T. Green is a pseudonym for Dr Caitlin R. Green) book can be found here:

Having read this again, I now realize there is no need for me to "redo" my earlier piece on CONCEPTS OF ARTHUR.  The findings in my own book, THE ARTHUR OF HISTORY, nicely disposes of Green's argument for a historicized mythical Arthur.

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